Travelling throughout the fanta5 fare zone


What is fanta5?

fanta5 is the abbreviation for "fantastic 5" and stands for the five transport associations in Southern Baden TGO, RVF, VSB, RVL and WTV.

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HandyTicket (MobileTicket) fanta5

No cash in your pocket, no ticket machine within reach?
No problem! The ticket is directly on your mobile phone, doesn't matter if it's an iPhone

or another smartphone. You are able to use it cashless and around the clock. Register online and you can buy your ticket for all routes within the fanta5 Fare Zone by mobile phone (currently possible for SingleTickets and the AnschlussTicket badisch24).
Information HandyTicket (MobileTicket) fanta5


ConjunctionTicket (AnschlussTicket badisch24

Travelling by bus and train across the region within 24 hours - from Offenburg till Waldshut, from Schwenningen till Freiburg and many other cities in the VSB area including all neighbouring transport associations in Southern Baden (RVL, RVF, TGO und WTV).



per person
fanta5 fare zone   12,00 € 

Actual Price 08/2018 | All Prices incl. 7% VAT


Please note: 

badisch24 only applies in connection with a valid TimeTicket (ZeitCard WochenCard (WeeklyCard), MonatsCard (MonthlyCard), AboCard (Card As Subscription) and can be used on all buses, Ringzügen and local trains of the Deutsche Bahn in the second class (except IC, EC and ICE). Passengers that travel as a companion based on the entrainment rules of the ZeitCard have to get their own AnschlussTicket (ConjunctionTicket) badisch24.

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AnschlussTicket (ConjunctionTicket) RVF / TGO / WTV

We have different cooperations with our partner Transport Associations concerning the TimeTicket (ZeitCard). For regular travels within the new defined transit areas of the Transport Associations RVF (Freiburg), TGO (Ortenau) und WTV (Waldshut) we suggest the AnschlussTicket (ConjunctionTicket) for adults and the elderly (only valid in combination with a MonthlyCard Adult/The elderly (MonatsCard Erwachsener/Senior)  or Card As Subscription Adult/The elderly (AboCard Erwachsener/Senior). The ticket is available as a MonthlyCard (MonatsCard) or Card As Subscription (AboCard). The AnschlussTicket (ConjunctionTicket) can be used on all buses, Ringzügen and local trains of the Deutsche Bahn in the second class (except IC, EC and ICE) within the following transit areas:


AnschlussTicket RVF -> VSB:

Valid in zone 1, 5, 6 and 9
AnschlussTicket VSB -> RVF:
Valid on the rail road 727 up to train station Rötenbach (Baden),
on the SBG-bus line 7259 up to Rötenbach,
on the SBG-bus line 7272 up to Simonswald and
on the SBG-bus line 7274 up to Elzach

AnschlussTicket TGO -> VSB:

Valid in zone 1
AnschlussTicket VSB -> TGO:
Valid in zone 88

AnschlussTicket WTV -> VSB:

Valid in zone 9 and 10
AnschlussTicket VSB -> WTV:
Valid in zone 6



per person
Transit Area
  22,00 € 

Actual Price 08/2018 | All Prices incl. 7% VAT


Please note: The entrainment rules for the AnschlussTicket RVF/TGO/WTV are based on the rules of the used VSB ZeitCard. The fare and transport rules of the Transport Association that issued the ticket are valid.


ZeitCards Schüler/Azubi/Student (TimeTickets Pupils/Trainees/Students) - Travelling with in 8 Transport Associations

Travelling within a broad area: ZeitCards Schüler/Azubi/Student are valid in the entire VSB area and in the partner Transport Associations TGO, RVF, RVL, WTV, VVR, TUTicket and VHB. 

Information ZeitCards Schüler/Azubi/Student