3 transport associations – 1 fare


The 3er-Tarif applies for journeys between the three transport associations VVR (Transport Association Rottweil), TUTicket (Transport Association Tuttlingen) and VSB (Transport Association Schwarzwald-Baar). Once you want to travel in at least two out of three transport associations, you can buy a 3er-Tarif ticket.




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You can determine the exact fare by using the TicketAdvisor.


AnschlussTicket 3er for ZeitCards Adult / Senior

You would like to expand the scope of your ZeitCard?
The only thing you need is to buy an AnschlussTicket for the 3er-Tarif if you are the owner of an ZeitCard Adult / Senior. The AnschlussTicket is available at the VSB Customer Centre, all ticket machines, on the buses or at the sales locations.

Important: The ticket is valid for 4 hours for a single journey in one direction within the zones 1-27 per person.



AnschlussTicket 3er
3er Fare Structure Map   3,30 € 

Actual Price 08/2018 | All Prices incl. 7% VAT.