What can you Take Along

Important transportation rules


Entrainment of Dogs

Dogs have to be supervised by an appropriate person and have to be put on a leash. Dogs that might endanger other passengers have to wear a muzzle as well. Guide dogs accompanying a blind passenger are permitted for free of charge carriage at any time. For all other quadruped you need a child SingleTicket or an adult "ZeitCard". If you use the first class of the DB, there is no extra ticket for dogs required.

Entrainment of Prams

As a family-friendly transport association you can take along a pram for free within the VSB area. Passengers with a pram are asked to use the doors and areas within the vehicles which are specially marked with a pram symbol. Other passengers should not use these areas.

Entrainment of Kids

Children need a child SingleTicket as soon as they go to school or as soon as they turn 7 until they are 14 years old. Starting by the day they turn 15, they have to pay the adult fare.

Non-school-aged children that are younger than 6 years can only travel free of charge if they are travelling together with an adult with a valid ticket.

A supervisor may take along up to 4 or all of his/her own non-school-aged children that are younger than 6 years.

Otherwise, the child fare has to be paid.


Entrainment of Bicycles

On the bus
In general it is possible to take along a bike on the bus but it depends on the kind of bus that is actually used and if there is enough room. The final decision makes, according to safety issues, the bus driver. Please contact the transport association to make sure if the entrainment of a bike is possible for your certain route.

You can find the prices for a BicycleTicket under the navigation point SingleTickets.



On the train

The entrainment of a bike is for free in the entire VSB area on Monday till Friday starting at 9:00 a.m., Saturday, Sunday and on national holidays during the entire day. Information about the rules and prices in other areas can be found under the following link:


BicycleTickets are available at the ticket machines. Please note that it is only possible to take along a bike as long as there is enough capacity.


Please Note:
Every passenger may only take one bike along. On certain routes it is not allowed to entrain bikes during the rush hour. You can not demand to take a bike with you! Bei gleichzeitiger Mitfahrt des Fahrgastes sind Fahrräder nur dann zur Beförderung zugelassen, wenn die technischen Einrichtungen der Fahrzeuge dies zulassen. The driver or the service staff decides if it is possible. Motorcycles are excluded. If the entrainment is not possible on certain parts of the route, there is no entitlement for a partly refund of the ticket price.