Special Offers

Save money while travelling


VSB Trial Subscription

Test and ride

You would like to travel in a good mood?
The only thing you have to do is to test the VSB and get the favourable Trial Subscription. A 3-MonthsCard for adults is available starting from 44,90 € per month, for seniors starting from 39,00 € instead of 54,00 € or for apprentices starting from 35,00 € instead of 40,30 € (Actual Price Zone 1+2).


Of course you are allowed to resign within 3 months. But who has tried out the VSB once, is likely to extend up to a year or even longer. Feel free and join us - we are looking forward!


Solicit your friends!
Your friends are our friends as well: Each subscription customer who solicits a new customer gets one MonatsCard for free!



NewCitizenCard (NeubürgerCard)

Welcome gift from the VSB

New citizens in the Schwarzwald-Baar region explore their new home one week for free. Fill in the application form for all household members (starting from 16 years) and apply for the VSB. You can receive the application form from your community. Please be so kind as to enclose a copy of your registration certificate to the application form. The offer for a VSB NewCitizenCard is valid up to 3 months after your registration in the new community.



Get a Free ticket instead of your driving license

Being driven by someone else for free

You are in possession of a driving license and have decided that you are not makeing use of it? Then change your driving license against a free half-year ticket from the VSB to stay mobile and independent!


How to get a free half-year ticket from the VSB?

As a citizen of the Schwarzwald-Baar region you can leave your driving license at the driving license agency in your community and get an confirmation letter. You have to give a copy of this confirmation letter to the VSB. Afterwards you will get a AboCard for adults or seniors (starting from 65 years) for 6 months.


The AboCard applies throughout the VSB area (zone 1-10) in all buses and trains from the Deutsche Bahn AG in the secaond class (except IC, EC and ICE).


You are interested in public transportation? Here, you can order an AboCard.

Download Application Form >>