VSB Ticket Prices

Where are the VSB prices valid?

The scope of the VSB equals the political borders of the Schwarzwald-Baar region. The VSB-Tickets are valid in all buses, Ringzügen (circle trains) and local trains of the Deutsche Bahn within the second class (except the IC, EC and ICE).


The fare depends on the number of zones that are crossed within the scope of the VSB. The zone of the departure and arrival point count as well. If you cross a zone several times, it only counts once. If there are various possible routes, the fare will be calculated by the route which was actually taken.


For trips between the transport associations Rottweil (VVR), Tuttlingen (TUTicket) and Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB), the "3er-Tarif" (special fare for all three transport associations) applies.



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