Important Information

For our passengers


Chipcards und ticket receipts

In buses and trains the Chipcard is only valid in conjunction with the corresponding ticket receipt. Owners of a GoCard have to carry their student identity card or photo identity card. Subscriptions are excluded.


Information for WochenCards and MonatsCards

WochenCards (WeeklyCards) for the following week can be purchased at all sales locations from Thursday. MonatsCards (MonthlyCards) can be purchased at all sales locations from the 25th of each month.



The BahnCard 100 of the Deutsche Bahn AG is accepted in all trains and buses of the SüdbadenBus GmbH (SBG), the SüdwestBus - Regionalverkehr Südwest GmbH (RVS) and the DB ZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee GmbH (RAB) in the VSB- and 3er Fare Structure Map. Other BahnCards are not valid in the VSB- and 3er Fare Structure Map.


Terms and Conditions of Transportation

The common terms and conditions of transportation (Tarifbestimmungen and Beförderungsbedingungen) apply for all journeys within the 3er tariff zone (VSB, VVR and TUTicket). In addition, the terms and conditions of each transportation company apply. For the ConjunctionTickets (AnschlussTickets) RVF/TGO/WTV the terms and conditions of the issuing transport association apply.


Just in time at the bus stop

In order to ensure a timely departure, we recommend our passengers to arrive at the relevant bus stop 2 minutes before the time indicated on the timetable.


Validity of timetables and fares

The timetables and other information such as ticket prices are subject to changes. Please refer to relevant publications in press, on the VSB website and timetables at bus stops. In the upper left corner of the timetables you find their validity.