Project „Safe Transport of School Children"


Training on the school bus



*Project-Title: Project "Safe transport of school children". The VSB and the rural district office offer all schools a training on the bus.


*Target Group: (Classes, teachers, parents, bus drivers): The primary goal of the project "Safe transport of school children" is to inform  the students and young people of the fifth grade on secondary schools, students of the first and fifth grade on special schools as well as elementary school students of the first grade about the topic "bus riding". If other grade levels are interested in this project they can only participate if there are places left within an other student group. During the theoretical class and a test bus ride the students will see and learn how to ride a bus, which dangers could occur and how stress situations can be avoided. In 2012 the VSB had the first training with a special school for physically disabled students since students with a handicap might be integrated into the regular school system in the future.


*Organization/Companies (brief description):

The rural district office of the Schwarzwald-Baar region leads in close cooperation with the transport association Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) the project "Safe transport of school children" since 2008. The main goal is to increase the safety during the usage of the public transportation system. Students and young people should be informed about tools and general information for a safe usage of the public transportation system. In addition to the VSB project students of the first grades of elementary and secondary schools within the Schwarzwald-Baar region are allowed to train the way to school during September, right before school starts, together with a person older than 18 years (parents, grandpartents, siblings, etc.). The escort receives a "Schulweg-Schnupperkarte" for free. This ticket is available at schools that participate in the "Safe transport of school children" project. A free voucher, valid for a single grown up, will be given to the affected students. The full name of the escort and the date of the training day have to be written on the voucher. The voucher is valid during the entire training day and the following day within the entire VSB area (equals a VSB SingleDayTicket) and has to be carried along.


*Place(s) of the project implementation / distribution area:

Due to the high demand the "VSB school on the bus" is available in the entire Schwarzwald-Baar region since 2013. The schools have to pay 2,00 € for every participating student. The theoretical part takes place in the class rooms, the practical part at a bus station and on the bus.



It is proven that the bus is one of the safest means of transport. Taking the bus is the safest way to get to school, what accident statistics show - on the bus happen even fewer accidents than by walking or riding a bike to school. The high safety level depends mainly on the right behaviour at the bus station and on the bus and this can be trained. Therefore the VSB, in cooperation with the rural district office, offers schools a training on the school bus for their students. Within a theoretical and practical part the students will see and learn how to ride a bus, which dangers could occur and how stress situations can be avoided. Not only can the students benefit from the training but also the school, teachers, and parents as well as the bus company and the bus drivers. All parties get the chance to talk about current problems, discuss wishes and suggestions for improvement. It is a good way to reduce possible conflicts on all sides and increase the acceptance and mutual understanding. The high safety level and the great satisfaction of everyone involved have a great impact on the general attractiveness of the public transportation. Today's students are the future customers of the public transportation. Therefore the VSB and the rural district office are constantly expanding the offers and try to work with as many schools in the Schwarzwald-Baar region as possible. The VSB works together with and external bus school trainer, a specialist that combines the expert knowledge, gained during her work at a bus company, with the experiences of being a mom of a school aged child. Due to the years of experience as a bus school trainer, she is aware of the needs and concerns of both sides, the students, parents and teachers as well as the bus drivers and bus companies.



Implementation of the training on the bus:  during the autumn months.
Group size for a training: 1 class (max. 30 students).
Duration of the training: 2 lessons of 45 minutes.
Costs: 2,00 € per participating student.
Effort of the school: providing a class room and a supervisor.


Theoretical part in the class room (one lesson)

Focus is the discussion with the students: What bothers you about riding the school bus? What dangers occur on the way to school? How do I read a timetable? How can I calculate a fare? What improvements can be made by all parties?

A bus weights up to 18 tonnes and can go 100 km/h - compared to that a human is small and weak. This unbalanced and for a human very dangerous situation will be illustrated in various case studies. Therefore roll plays will show every day situations and possible solutions will be developed. During these tasks various information will be discussed, for example the everyday work of a bus driver (responsibility for the safety of all passengers; stress caused by traffic / time pressure/ noise), vandalism (Who is cleaning the bus? What happens if you get caught while destroying something? Who will pay for it?) and of course the "10 golden school bus rules".


Practical part at the station and on the bus (one lesson)

During the practical part the proper behaviour at the station and while entering and leaving the bus are focused. The students learn that the pullout has to remain free and that shoving can be life threatening and that it takes up precious time while entering the bus. The blind spot will be explained and the students will experience the "swing out" of the bus up close and learn that a bus can barely be crowded if everyone respects the rules. The highlight is a short trip with the bus with a full application of the break. (Do not worry, the children will be warned and we assure that all seats are taken, that the handles are used and the luggage is properly stored.) In addition, the safety devices among the bus (emergency exits, hammer, safety glass, fire extinguisher and door opener) will be explained and some also used.

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