Carefree Riding

Services for people with disabilities


The VSB attaches great importance to assure disabled passengers a safe and comfortable ride in all buses and trains. Below you can find important facts for you and your escort.


The carriage of  passengers with disabilities, the escort, wheel chairs and hand luggage depends on the relevant regulations of the german "Sozialgesetzbuch" (Code of Social Law SGB IX) in the current version. Based on this are severely disabled people which can proof the entitlement ("Berechtigungsausweis" (green/orange) and the supplementary sheet including a token), allowed to ride VSB busses and trains free of charge. Does the entitlement proof the need of a permanent escort ("B" or "BL" checkmark), can these ride free of charge as well.


Mobility Services of the Deutschen Bahn AG

Passengers with wheel chairs which destination or arrival point is the train station in Villingen, should inform the mobility service of the Deutsche Bahn AG at least one weekday ahead via phone 01806 / 51 25 12. The service for Villingen is available Monday till Friday between 7:30 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.. For more information please see the DB brochure "Mobil mit Handicap" which you can find at train stations for free.


Access Ramp at the 3er-Ringzug Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg

All of the 20 railcars of the 3er-Ringzug (circle train) are equipped with access ramps to assure passengers with wheel chairs an easy access and exit of the train. We recommend you to inform the "Hohenzollerischen Landesbahn" (HzL) via phone 07462 / 20 42 10 (Monday till Friday 8:00 a.m. till 11:59 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m.) if you need assistance. There you will get all important information for a carefree and easy journey.

Comfortable access of "Niederflurbusse" within the Villingen-Schwenningen city traffic

"Niederflurbusse", which are mostly used in this area, are buses with a low floor to assure an easy access for wheel chairs. These buses are marked with a blue and white wheel chair symbol and are equipped with manual ramps. Routes that are driven with a "Niederflurbus" are marked with the wheel chair symbol on the timetables and bus stations. For reassurance please call 07721 / 82 82 82.


Service for visually handicapped passengers

Since several years the "Landratsamt" (district office) offers a special service for elderly and amblyopic people:

It is possible to receive the needed timetables in enlarged form. If required please contact the local traffic department ("Nahverkehrsabteilung") either by phone (07721 / 91 37 51 6) or by e-mail ( The required timetables will be send to you in A3 format via mail.