VSB Introduction 


The transport association Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) cares for people's mobility ever since its foundation in 2000. Since then, a total of 16 transport companies have been united within the Schwarzwald-Baar region. The VSB-fare region is divided into 10 fare zones. 

The aim was, being able to use the public transportation (ÖPNV) within the Schwarzwald-Baar region with only one ticket - regardless of bus, train or Ringzug (circle train). We would like to offer more ways in modern life and a flexible alternative to the automobile. Which ever destination you may have in mind - the VSB will get you there. Secure, comfortable and with an abundance of attractive tickets for transportion to school, leisure journeys or travels to work. 

Get to know the VSB and its advantages, the manifold ticket possibilities and enjoy the completely new travel experiences.

Enjoy stressless travels by bus and train within the Schwarzwald-Baar region!